Friday, October 29, 2010

A busy day @ The Sweet Life

SO incredibly thankful for the blessings in this business.  Doing cakes for ladies such as Nancy, who has been known (so I'm told) to give and do for and serve others so freely in her life, makes me all the more blessed for being a part of her 60th surprise birthday celebration!  She is a Mary Kay consultant, so pink & black were the colors and "theme" of choice for her cake.  This cake was chocolate with raspberry filling for the bottom tier, and white with raspberry filling for the top tier. All iced in buttercream with fondant "MK products" on top.

Halloween cutesy fun was the "theme" of the cupcakes for today...can't wait to hear if they lasted until the party tomorrow evening or if they dug in as soon as I closed the door.   They were all chocolate with buttercream frosting.

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