Monday, February 28, 2011

A baby is a most special gift

My niece, Kayla, and her husband Gordon, are expecting their first child.  A boy.  Rylan Evan. :)  Kayla is a soldier in the USAF.  We are SO proud of her & her decision to join the Air Force, make a good life for herself & her family, and serve our country with honor.  Mike & I have a special place in our heart for her and Gordon, as this is exactly how we started out.  Mike joined the AF and left, shortly after we were married, for basic training.  He served our country proudly for 9 years.  I have to say, that was some of the most difficult times in our marriage, but it was some of the best times too.  We grew up a lot and learned to rely on our faith, each other, and had awesome support from fellow soldiers and their families. 

Kayla & Gordon, your Uncle Mike & Aunt Kim are here to support you, love you and pray for you.  Always.  We CELEBRATE with you as you welcome your precious son, your firstborn, into your life. 

I was honored to make Kayla's baby shower cake this past weekend. :) 

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